Metal Version of "Tristram" from Diablo I, II, and III

2012-05-22 16:37:29 by ArtificialFear


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2012-05-22 18:25:43

This makes me want to get back into playing..... I just can not find the time however. :( GREAT job though, If that was your performance I witnessed. Impeccable.

ArtificialFear responds:

This is my performace. Thanks for the kind words. I, too, lack the time to continue to play games like Diablo. Alas.


2012-05-23 05:19:10

Plain awesome. The riffs were very crisp, and the clips of the game were a very nice touch. DAT ACOUSTIC! So nice :)
Seeing and hearing songs like this makes me want to start playing guitar like I used to. I'm still bopping my head even though the song is over xD
Keep it up, man :)


2012-05-24 16:49:29

Blizzard should've hired YOU to score Diablo 3, or kept Matt Uelmen. The new composer they hired from Disney butchered the melodies so horribly... And effectively eliminated the Diablo feel, from the music, that is. The rest of the game was quite fantastic.
Job well done with your metal version of the Tristram Theme-- Keep the good tunes coming!

ArtificialFear responds:

It would be a dream of mine to write music for a Diablo game. I don't think anyone could top Uelmen's Diablo work however. Thanks for the kind words! \m/


2012-06-29 02:19:30

Im no musical wizard but what I hear and see in this video is simply epicly awesome. Wow you rock buddy 'applauds you' and your awesome talent