Batman Theme Song (Metal Version)

2012-08-11 13:10:41 by ArtificialFear


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2012-08-11 14:18:55

Wow, you're multi-talented, I must say!
However, the transition from 0:50-0:51 isn't superb, where did the string ensemble go? It should continue to be there, I reckon.

Also, the drums could be more varied (ie. more drum fills), but I know that's hard, since I assume you're using software instruments.

Furthermore, the solo at 2:35 seems misplaced, are you sure using a pentatonic scale is the best guess here?

Anyway, just my initial thoughts.


2012-08-12 06:12:01

Hey dude. Awesome as usual.
I'm not usually hangin on your balls, nor do I directly address other comments, but gotta this time.
Thought the below critique was a little brash;

The transition was in time. What do you want.
The drums had fills every 8 bars. There was no need for a filltactic drum solo.
The solo is badass; for a person asking for variation, you should know a modal shift when you hear it.

I have to say, the most obvious part of the solo is that it's a 7note scale, not 5, so it's not even pentatonic.
Just as well, the 7 note scale has the 5 pentatonic notes in it, so I'm not really sure what you are critiqueing.
Without grabbing an instrument, I hear phyrigian and aeolian scale modes.

Again, not hatin. Just speaking in frustration!

ArtificialFear responds:

I love you.


2012-08-14 03:28:02

You played the trumpet for this song too? Multi-talented is right! I take back what I said in my review; the part with the trumpet is far more understandable now that I know it wasn't synthesized. You've got some serious skill, man.


2012-08-16 20:59:48

You sir are indeed epic.

Your music is awesome your remixes are awesome and your are awesome for making an epic theme song from my youth even more epic.